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Considered to be one of HnT's most tedious jobs, Christian, Charlotte, and Nathan spend hours trying to create a schedule that best accommodates everyone. Whether it's one weekend or thirty days straight, HnT uses Movie Magic Scheduling, Nick's shot lists, and a broken down screenplay to make the shooting happen.



The secret to making movies: money. We love what we do and fully dedicate ourselves to our craft, but it wouldn't be possible without our donors and financers. Charlotte uses Movie Magic Budgeting to break down the cost of the film; from there she manages all checkbook balancing, account management, and payroll. Money really does make the world go round. 



Although HnT is best at utilizing what is available and least expensive first, they also specialize in renting studio spaces, drafting permits with small business owners, and managing government-regulated filming permits.



Before we head onto set, we work diligently to fill each role perfectly. Some of our own crew stars, but others are scouted from the SoCal area and hired through casting calls and auditions in Los Angeles. After deciding on the cast, Nathan works day and night to communicate with our talent, throughout production, post, and beyond. Hot 'n' Tedious is lucky to be able to collaborate with other talented artists to bring our movies to the screen

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