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Meet The CREW


Nick La Marca


Nick LaMarca was born in California at an unknown date and time. He has two passions in life: filmmaking and working at Raising Cane’s,  where he fries chicken - as of right now, he’s not sure which will be his true calling in life.


Jackson Shipman


Jackson Shipman was born in 1998, and moved back to California after living some formidable years out in Northern Nevada. Spending most of his time compulsively writing anything he could think of, Jackson met his co-founders of HnT in high school and quickly began creating the foundation of the company. Jackson currently attends school in Long Beach, and continues to write feature scripts. He’s got a lot of movies he loves and finds it unnecessary to pick one, but one is Frances Ha (2012).


Allan Weedman


At a young age, San Diego native Allan Weedman took up a keen interest in filmmaking, leading him to meet his company co-founders. Nowadays, he is best known for acting and editing, but also enjoys his time spent working in the writer's room. Allan is a senior at Chapman University and looks forward to be graduating soon.


Andrew Ferriera


Born and raised SoCal local, Andrew Ferreira is one of the co-founders of Hot ‘n’ Tedious and is a proud dual citizen of the United States and Mexico. His obsession in life has been filmmaking for the last decade. In Spring 2020, he will be graduating from MiraCosta College with 3 Associate Degrees; one in Film Television and Digital Media, in addition to Entrepreneurship in Business and Humanities in Liberal Arts. He plans on furthering his education and obtaining his bachelor's degree in cinematography. Andrew’s favorite pastime is being on set and making movie magic with all his fellow filmmakers. His number one movie to watch is Head (1968).


charlotte forward


While being the youngest and first female member of Hot 'n' Tedious, Charlotte has somehow found herself as the boss. Charlotte is an extremely dedicated Producer who loves running a set and making art with her best friends. After working in the LA commercial/music video land, Charlotte has now made her way to NYC to work on film production. She plans to return to Hollywoo this coming Fall.


Ricardo Campos Molina


Ricardo Campos Molina was born in the small city of Tijuana but lived most of his early life in Morelia Michoacán. He moved to the United States when he was eight and the rest is history. He makes everything look pretty and nice with his lights.

Alex Square.jpg



Alex Hrisanthopoulos is a Director, Cinematographer and Colorist born and raised in Carlsbad, CA. He studied film production at Emerson College in Boston, MA. Alex is extremely thrilled to be back in California working with Hot 'N' Tedious, a company he looked up to all throughout his high school years. As of early 2024, Alex has his sights set high working on two feature length scripts, unsure of which will win him over as his next large directorial project.




A born and raised San Diego native with an early passion for creative arts, Kyra has jumped at every opportunity she can to create, choreograph, paint, and design. With a degree in Communications from San Diego State University, she will continue to pursue all things creative and utilize her artistic and communicative skills to work alongside her members of Hot ‘n’ Tedious’ as their Art Director.


Erica Schobert

production design

Erica Schobert was born in San Diego, CA in early 2001. She currently attends MiraCosta College under their film studies program, and is the artistic eye on set for Hot ‘n' Tedious. Some of her hobbies include looking at pretty movies, and creating pretty movies. Her favorite film is Nacho Libre (2006). 

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